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Hear how EllaVoice has helped Phil…

Director of events and author Phil speaks about how EllaVoice sessions have helped him increase his lung capacity and alleviate the symptoms of a paralysed diaphragm while helping him re connect with this voice after years of vocal issues.

“I would absolutely recommend this to any organisation who is looking to involve staff in a fun project which will help team morale, help to destress and encourage staff to find their inner voice to better express themselves.” 

Dermot Murphy, DEPAUL

“Thanks so much Linsey for a great session! Appreciate all of the preparation and expertise to build such an enjoyable and informative session. Highly recommend to any group or individual looking for a team building activity or a way to beat the pandemic blues! Linsey’s positive approach and enthusiasm is infectious!” 

Jennifer Donnelly, Microsoft

“Linsey and her team of coaches delivered results, quickly with a bespoke program to increase my vocal performance. Where can you get access to a wide range of deep technical voice experts? Not a singer but using the same techniques I improved how I speak to have greater impact and effect. Highly recommend Linsey and EllaVoice for anyone who speaks to others as part of their job.” 

Bill Donaldson, Coach. USA online client

“EllaVoice acted as a great booster for our leadership session as it offered energy, communication techniques and vocal exercises that help build team confidence, vocal empowerment and fun! They offered a very genuine and customised offering to our event while even taking into consideration the diversity of the group to accommodate languages in order to drive inclusivity. I would highly recommend EllaVoice as they offer a range of services that can help develop teams along with individual confidence.” 

Stephen Coffey, Salesforce

“I think learning snippets about the psychology of how our voice and bodies impact our perception from others is definitely a nugget I will use. Having a better understanding of this will give me more confidence in social situations. The lessons were good for increasing motivation, as I have little prior experience of singing in public and needed a lot of help and encouragement. Learning to use my voice properly and hear it improve over time was inspiring, and I feel more confident about joining in singing sessions, something that I would never have done before!” 

EllaVoice client

“I participated in this program online after a particularly isolating and stressful year, caused by the disruption and lockdowns from the Covid-19 pandemic. Learning to use my voice and sing is a great way to reduce stress and bond with others through singing at a time when other outlets such as dancing and larger music events were not always available.” 

EllaVoice client