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Hear how EllaVoice has helped Phil…

Director of events and author Phil speaks about how EllaVoice sessions have helped him increase his lung capacity and alleviate the symptoms of a paralysed diaphragm while helping him re connect with this voice after years of vocal issues.

“I would absolutely recommend this to any organisation who is looking to involve staff in a fun project which will help team morale, help to destress and encourage staff to find their inner voice to better express themselves.” 

Dermot Murphy, DEPAUL

“Thanks so much Linsey for a great session! Appreciate all of the preparation and expertise to build such an enjoyable and informative session. Highly recommend to any group or individual looking for a team building activity or a way to beat the pandemic blues! Linsey’s positive approach and enthusiasm is infectious!” 

Jennifer Donnelly, Microsoft

“I do many customer trainings in English as my second language, so I needed help to learn to project my voice and articulate more clearly, skills that are very useful specially now with all training being over conference calls. I have no musical background, but Linsey was able to customise her sessions to adapt to my needs. I really enjoyed the sessions, they were fun and very helpful to improve my presentation skills vital to perform my job. Great experience overall.” 

Jimena Alvarez, Compliance Manager

“EllaVoice acted as a great booster for our leadership session as it offered energy, communication techniques and vocal exercises that help build team confidence, vocal empowerment and fun! They offered a very genuine and customised offering to our event while even taking into consideration the diversity of the group to accommodate languages in order to drive inclusivity. I would highly recommend EllaVoice as they offer a range of services that can help develop teams along with individual confidence.” 

Stephen Coffey, Salesforce