What we do

Our program helps to encourage effective relationships using the inclusive platform of music. We have found that all workplace hierarchy is negated through active music making, instrument instruction, performances, choirs, team building events, collaboration and creativity. Allowing for meaningful connection on both the vertical and horizontal relationship structure but also to the self and others.

EllaVoice offers a unique take on workplace wellbeing using music and voice work for personal and professional development. Clients have seen benefits in the areas of improved vocal production; improved vocal health; greater confidence when speaking publicly and improved vocal delivery both in personal and group communication.

Clients have particularly enjoyed the ability to work independently on their goals using the techniques provided to them in their individual sessions.

“A workplace music program for long-term care workers resulted in an 18.3% reduction in employee turnover—a projected annual savings of $89,000. A similar study of nurses projected $322,000 average annual savings for a typical hospital.”

Source: Barry Bittman, MD / Tripp Umbach Healthcare

The benefits

We partner with organisations to support them in creating new ways to engage , empower & connect their workforce.

We believe the key to this is uniting people with the universal language of music focusing on the voice as a tool for health, engagement, communication, creativity, empathy & innovation and encouraging companies to use this tool as a gift for recognition & reward and supporting people in bringing their own autonomy to their health & well-being. 

Hear Tamara speak about the value of individual sessions and how working with EllaVoice has helped her reconnect with her voice and shape her vocal identity.

She can now use this impactful communication tool with confidence, awareness and pride. Sharing her voice in business, in life and with the world.