Functional, voice-led, corporate programmes.

Invest in the wellbeing, balance and happiness of your people to enhance the productivity, vitality and growth of your organisation.

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Enhance your employee communication and wellness

Organizations today face real challenges when it comes to sustaining their most valuable resource – a healthy and balanced workforce. The pressures of modern life coupled with less active lifestyles and the blurred boundaries between work and home is taking its toll globally, and it is now estimated that as much as a third of the workforce loses an hour a day as a result of stress.


At Ellavoice, we have a very simple belief :  people feel relaxed and balanced, they work better. That’s why we have created a suite of evidence-based vocal-led programmes to enable people to communicate using one of the most important tools that they already possess – their voice. Our tailored offerings combine science, creativity and expression, and go beyond physical health and wellbeing to also nurture the mind, body and soul.


Unleash the transformative power of the voice with Ellavoice.



Individually focused sessions tailored to the needs and goals of each employee..



Immersive events that bring teams together to share their knowledge and collaborate on innovative projects that are remarkable catalysts for progress and innovation.



The EllaVoice Method provides leaders with a personalised vocal toolkit & health routine and functional vocal skills to access their full potential.

Supporting you every step of the way

Employers have a genuine chance to make a positive difference in the lives of their employees through workplace wellness, which can, in turn, yield various advantages such as becoming the preferred employer, attracting and retaining highly sought-after talent, and enhancing engagement and performance.

Whether you seek strategic guidance to shape and execute your long-term wellness vision or wish to initiate engagement right away, we are ready to assist you. EllaVoice offers bespoke and flexible offerings to suit your team and work environment.

Chris was looking for a way to help regulate his nervous system, manage day to day stress, and to enhance his public speaking skills. He also had a lifelong dream of making a professional song recording. Ellavoice developed a bespoke programme to enable Chris to achieve his goals.

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