Who we are

Meet the  people and the passion behind EllaVoice…

Our founder


Founded in 2021, EllaVoice partners with organisations to enable them to equip their teams with the tools they require to both understand and connect with their true, authentic voice. 

The driving force behind everything is Linsey Dempsey. A trained opera singer with years of performing and teaching under her belt, Linsey intrinsically understands the importance of voice in all formats of communication and believes that music has a bigger role to play in health and growth for individuals. Today, our specialist voice coaches work with clients across the world to encourage people to discover their voice and the untapped well-being resources within themselves to tune into their social, physical and mental health, creating a workplace community where people can thrive.

Using techniques from a variety of areas including singing, yoga, Alexander technique and physical therapies, EllaVoice offers a health management program for day to day issues to help prevent long term issues.

Meet the team

We strive to support talented musicians and teachers by providing a platform and network for freelance work. Below are some of the team who have delivered numerous projects for us.