Some of our popular offerings

EllaVoice offers bespoke and flexible offerings to suit your team and work environment.

Soulful Sing Workshop 

We kick off with our Take it to the Desk ™ stretch series and breath work. Using a variety of vocal techniques, we split into groups for a blues sing back warm up followed by our famous ‘riff off’. We work through a breakdown of your song, carefully incorporating the unique attributes of each participant for a truly immersive and unforgettable event. 

Strike the Right Chord – Your Leadership Voice  

Create a highly shareable moment and memorable experience. Through the adaptive leadership styles of conductors and the orchestra, jazz & classical styles, gospel & contemporary music and acting & musical theatre we explore communication, collaborative problem solving, partnership, balance, listening, rhythm and improvisation in an open and relaxed environment. 

Director Linsey Dempsey and the EllaVoice Team at Adare Manor in Ireland delivering a wonderful Opera infused corporate event! We even had the CEOs’ singing! We had employees from London, New York, Frankfurt, Madrid & Paris singing with our professional Opera Singers, creating an unforgettable, highly shareable moment!

“I have fairly low levels of self-confidence. When it comes to singing, I know I have a nice voice because I've been told so many times, but I always thought there were notes I couldn't reach or things I couldn't do with my voice. After even a couple of sessions, I realised I have put up those barriers for myself but, with practice and dedication and by learning the right techniques, I now know I can achieve a lot more. Thank you for this!” 

EllaVoice client

Personal & Professional Development Experience 

In partnership with Catherine Fulvio and Ballyknocken House, Co. Wicklow Ireland

∙ Healthy nutritious lunch and dessert creation with Catherine at the cookery school

∙ Vocal Empowerment & Soulful Sing Session 

∙ Movement, Sound healing & Restorative yoga

∙ Enjoy dessert & prosecco accompanied by a musical performance to end the day 

Take it to the Desk ™ Workshop  

Our qualified vocal & movement specialists will take you through a practical routine to improve your desk experience, focusing on the most efficient way to use your voice & body at work. 

∙ Tools, tips & skills to implement into your working day

∙ Stretches & movement to deal with specific everyday issues at work

∙ Mindfulness & Nervous system reset

∙ Vocal health, function & energy 

∙ The Lombard effect and Zoom fatigue 

Turn up Tune in Songwriting Workshop

Re-write a well-known song with company anecdotes, personal stories and current themes. After some fun icebreakers, we help you fill in the blanks! Split into groups and the EllaVoice team will discuss various themes and ideas so each group can create their version. Guide sheet and track for participants. 

Raise the Roof! – Battle of the Bands  

Each department/Team works on a song with us and we help you organise a Grand Finale Event! This is a great opportunity to get other instruments involved. Create a band name, get the whole office involved and fundraise for a charity partner. 

Office Eurovision/The Voice  

A truly unforgettable experience! Competitors receive individual vocal coaching before the performance with the final being judged by a coach from The Voice UK. 

Conference – Meetings – Energisers  

We are dedicated to thinking outside the box when it comes to motivating, energising and bringing people together. Our unique offerings range from our West End Warm Up, performing with a gospel choir to having a jazz ensemble serenade the office as they arrive to work. From our pop up song surprise to working on an opera classic and joining in with professional singers. What could be more thrilling! 

“The sessions helped me focus on areas I carry physical stress and that you need to use the tools consistently to see the change so I am still a work in progress but am trying to become more aware of the importance of the breath during the working day. Stress levels can vary throughout the day but I found the sessions very relaxing and great for resetting levels. A brilliant de-stresser.” 

EllaVoice client


We run these in three 10 week Terms throughout the year. Spring, Summer & Winter. We encourage people to have these sessions during the day for maximum impact but we also provide pre and post work sessions. Scheduling is flexible and convenient. 

Each individual is assessed and we work together on a plan towards goals, needs and aspirations. We also explore any health issues and our medical team will add to the current plan. Clients have access to a library of video resources.

We offer both depending on the needs of the client.

Absolutely not! The majority of our clients are complete beginners with no experience at all. 

Should anyone wish to return to study or grades of an instrument we can also accommodate this. 

We encourage clients to perform at the end of each term at a ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ and our weekly singing groups can participate in our ‘Curtain Call’ challenge. These sessions are designed to enhance and support culture, trust, diversity, inclusion, connection and to encourage people to share their authentic selves at work. In the past our clients have come together to fundraise for charity, perform at corporate events, create inspirational videos, and our Family Day package has proved to be a very special event. 

For corporate clients and businesses we operate a Credit System. This takes the pressure off to decide on a package immediately and try out a variety of offerings. We encourage clients to use the credit system as a way of gifting. From employer to employee, between departments and from person to person as a way of gratitude. The system also allows us to work with companies of all sizes and budgets. 

We also work with individuals. For individual payment plans please contact us directly.